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Company Policies and Procedures

Thank you for choosing Rybicki Tours, L.L.C.! To ensure you understand the policy and procedures of our company, please review carefully prior to booking any tours. 

HOW TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION. To make your reservation, call 248-735-0558, visit or visit any local senior / community center that offers Rybicki Tours adventures.

Rybicki Tours accepts cash, checks and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

DEPOSITS. Overnight adventure deposits range between $50- $200 per person depending on the tour. The deposit amount will be clearly stated on each respective flyer. To reserve a seat on an overnight adventure, a deposit must be made. Your reservation will not be confirmed until a payment is received.

FINAL PAYMENT. For day adventures, payment is due in full at time of sign up. For overnight tours, final payment is due 45 or 60 days prior to departure. The due date will be clearly stated on each respective flyer. In addition, we will send you a reminder for final payment approximately 1-2 weeks prior to due date.

CONFIRMATIONS FOR OVERNIGHT ADVENTURES. When your initial payment and the completed sign-up form is received and processed, we will send you a confirmation, along with the (optional) travel protection brochure.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY. Your cancellation request must be made by phone or email to Rybicki Tours. Each adventure (one day & overnight) will have its own cancellation policy (amount). Cancellation fees and days will be clearly stated on each respective tour flyer. There will be no refund if cancelled within 24 hours of the tour date.


When cancelling, please allow 7-10 business days following the cancellation for complete processing of the refund..


Rybicki Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour within 30 days of the trip date if the minimum number of participants are not enrolled. If this occurs, a full refund will be processed.

INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL INSURANCE. Available and recommended on overnight adventures. An NTA Travel Protection Plan brochure will be offered with the confirmation, following sign up.

FINAL INFORMATION FOR OVERNIGHT ADVENTURES. This will be mailed approximately ten days prior to the departure date.  This information will include; luggage tag, pick up location point and departure time, day to day itinerary, hotel information, weather and clothing information, plus any other pertinent information.

TOUR MANAGER. Day and overnight adventures will include the services of a Rybicki Tours Tour Manager. This individual is a company employee and is trained in the field of leading group tours. They are dedicated to ensuring that you have a safe, enjoyable time on tour!

TRAVELERS WHO NEED SPECIAL ASSISTANCE ON TOUR. At time of reservation, you must report to Rybicki Tours any special needs while on tour. We will make reasonable attempts to accommodate special needs and disabilities, however Rybicki Tours is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor responsible for any denial of services by independent suppliers. Rybicki Tours does not provide personal services (such as pushing a wheelchair, assisting with walking, moving or assembling mobility equipment, etc.). A qualified and physically able companion should accompany travelers who need such assistance. Rybicki Tours will not refund or cover any cost or expense incurred for any missed activities due to a participant's inability to fully participate with the group.

OTHER. No weapons of any type are permitted on Rybicki Tours adventures at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, knives, mace, brass knuckles, and other weapons of any type.

Rybicki Tours shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God; severe weather; road conditions and breakdowns; war or hostilities; fire; earthquake; riot or civil commotion; epidemic; flood; or other natural disaster; delay or destruction caused by public carrier.


Rybicki Tours assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left behind on a trip or in the vehicle.


Rybicki Tours does not own or operate any of the suppliers of services or accommodations for your trip.  As a result, it is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such supplier or of any third party over whom Rybicki Tours has no control.

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