Company Policies & Procedures


Each tour (one day & overnight) will have it's own cancellation policy (amount).  Cancellation fees and dates will be clearly stated on each respective tour flier.  There will be no refund if cancelled within 24 hours of the tour date.


Available on overnight tours. This NTA Travel Protection Plan brochure will be mailed to each passenger with his or her confirmation following their initial tour sign up.


Overnight tour deposits range between $50- $200 per person depending on the tour. To reserve a seat, a deposit must be made. When Rybicki Tours receives your deposit, along with the completed sign-up form, we will mail out a confirmation notice, along with the (optional) travel protection brochure.


For day tours, payment in full due at time of sign up.  For overnight tours, final payment is due 45 or 60 days prior to departure.


This will be mailed approximately ten days prior to the tour departure date.  This information will include; luggage tag, pick up point and departure time, day to day itinerary, hotel phone numbers, weather and clothing information, plus any other pertinent information.


One day and overnight tours will include the services of a Rybicki Tour Director.  This individual is a company employee and is trained and experienced in the field of leading group tours.

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On The Motorcoach

  • SEAT ROTATION - During our longer scenic overnight tours, travelers should be prepared for a daily seat rotation plan each morning. This will be implemented by the Tour Manager and is a fair way to ensure travelers enjoy the views from the motor-coach at different vantage points each day.

  • SMOKING - Smoking is not permitted on the motor-coach, but we do have timely rest stops.

  • COACH COURTESIES - Persons paying single price will share a seat with another passenger when the motorcoach is filled.

  • PUNCTUALITY is extremely important when traveling with a group.

  • Each person must be seated before the coach can proceed.  We request that you always remain seated during city driving for your personal safety.

  • Rest breaks are planned for your benefit and comfort

  • As a courtesy to your tour director & other passengers, please pay attention to all announcements made on the coach.

  • Cell phones– Please put on vibrate ring mode and refrain from using on the motorcoach except for emergencies.

  • Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes when traveling on motorcoach tours, as some people are allergic to it

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